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Vitamin and Supplement Startups

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In this article, we'll take a look at the various companies that are involved in vitamin and supplement startups, including General Nutrition Centers. We'll also talk about William E. Watts and David Shakarian, as well as Moovit. These companies all have great growth potential, and they're well worth checking out. But what can you expect from these startups? Do they have solid track records? Will they be able to keep their investors happy?

General Nutrition Centers

Listed below are the key facts about General Nutrition Center. These facts are based on the information that we have on file for the company. In our opinion, the information we have is not necessarily accurate. This company is a specialty retailer of vitamins, sports nutrition, and other health care products. As of January 1998, the company operated 3,435 retail stores, with approximately 60 percent owned by the company. The company operates through retail stores called General Nutrition Centers, Health & Diet Centres, Amphora, and GNC Live Well. General Nutrition Centers produce many of their own products at a plant in Greenville, South Carolina.

GNC is one of the largest chain stores of health and nutritional products in the world. Their products include vitamins and minerals, herbs, proteins, and fish oil. In addition to these, GNC also offers beauty and energy products, and serves a variety of foods. This company is dedicated to helping people improve their lives and health. Founded in 1935, GNC has been serving communities all over the world with health and nutritional products. Its products have a wide range of benefits, so it is important to understand the many products available.

David Shakarian

In 1935, David B. Shakarian founded the first health food store in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In the next three decades, he would open over a thousand stores across the United States and eventually added vitamins and health food supplements to his product line. By the 1970s, he had already opened factories in Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Minnesota, and North Dakota. By the time of his death, GNC had more than 1,300 stores across the country.

General Nutrition Centers became an international chain of health food stores under the leadership of Shakarian. Last year, Forbes magazine estimated Mr. Shakarian's net worth at $530 million. He built up his chain from a single store in Pittsburgh to more than 1,200 locations across the United States and Canada. In 2016, Forbes magazine listed him as Pittsburgh's richest man. Shakarian, who had undergone colon cancer surgery in June, died on Dec. 28. At that time, he was preparing to launch a new marketing and retail initiative to try and cure the company's sputtering sales.

In 1935, David Shakarian founded the first Lackzoom health food store in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The store was a success, and within a year, he opened another store. The General Nutrition Centers' stores expanded to the surrounding areas. In the 1980s, he began offering franchises and began manufacturing its own products. By the end of the decade, GNC had more than six hundred stores and was looking to expand its operations across the globe.

William E. Watts

The mission of the William E. Watts, general nutrition centre is to improve the lives of individuals with a range of health conditions by promoting a healthier lifestyle and achieving optimal weight. Watts holds a B.A. in nutrition from the State University of New York at Buffalo. His passion for health care and a desire to help people improve their lives began while serving in the United States Army. He currently serves as a nutritionist for the United States Army, where he helped establish the general nutrition center and specialized health clinics in the field.

Mr. Watts has served as a director since August 2012, and is also a partner with J.W. Childs Associates. From 1991 to 2001, Watts was the President and Chief Executive Officer of General Nutrition Companies. During that time, he also held the positions of president and chief operating officer of General Nutrition Center, as well as vice president of retail operations. Although the responsibilities of the executive position are varied, Watts' background is rich with experience in a variety of business environments.

Despite the complexities of the position, Mr. Watts' leadership style was a natural choice for the role of president. He served as chief executive officer of GNC after the buyout and groomed Watts for his successor. He joined GNC in 1975 as a district manager in Texas and rose to president by the late 1980s. His tenure as president included rapid store expansion and franchises, as well as concerns about the mass-market competition. The company's stock price plummeted to $10 before Numico's purchase of the company.


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